INTAK are a specialist UK company engaged in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of wired audio communication products and systems for use where high reliability and dependability is required in life safety critical applications.

Where high integrity public address and intercom systems are required INTAK supply a full range and products and systems including;

  • Vandal resistant, fire resistant, weatherproof, marine, and explosion proof loudspeakers
  • Induction loop and infra red based listening systems
  • CVAS - Centralised EN54 certified voice alarm system
  • CPAS - Conventional public address and background music system
  • IVAS - Integrated EN54 certified voice alarm system
  • IVIS - Intelligent voice intercom system
  • IPPS - Integrated page party system
  • ICCS - Intelligent cell call system
  • EDIS - Explosion proof muster point and drillers intercom system
  • DRIS - Disabled refuge intercom system
  • MTIS - Marine talkback intercom system
  • Fire talk 400 - Fire/hotline telephone system
  • VHF/UHF entertainment distribution and reception systems

All INTAK equipment is designed and developed to facilitate cost effective installation, simple operation and ease of maintenance.

INTAK systems have been in use worldwide for nearly 30 years, in a variety of applications, including nuclear power stations, offshore oil platforms, military bases, cinemas, sports stadia, shopping centres, government sites and office blocks.

With years of experience INTAK can provide a solution to the most demanding public address requirements and have supplied some very complex distributed PAVA/PAGA systems using fail safe long line, internet based, and fibre optic networks.

INTAK have significant expertise in non standard intercom systems and have a wide variety of equipment to suit any possible application.